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UPDATED 09-12-2011 / ADDED 2 V5-6000s Cards


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PostPosted: Thu Sep 26, 2013 12:16 pm    Post subject: RAMPAGE #B001 - FIXED Reply with quote



Yupe, I also own a SPECTER 1000 agp test socket card. More than 3 years to close the deal. Card came in just 1-2 month ago (crazy and hard deal). Cool

My Rampy works ok just some problems in the interfce memory.

At the moment Michel's Rampage has some problems.


  • Card is bended (perhaps it can be the cause the test socket does not make good contact).
  • Rampage chip has 2 missing balls.

Add those 2 balls will not be poblem since pad is still present. I need to check if size ball is 0.76mm.

More test later.

I added the 2 new balls but sadly chip does not work yet! Sad




At the moment chip does not work.

Tonight more test.


Reballing- I would need to find a right stencil 40x40mm pitch 0.76mm. I think with a standard stencil would be enough for doing the reballing but before I will try to leave the balls surface as straight as possible with sandpaper. Yes, balls are leaded.

Rampage- At the moment Rampy does not want boots up. Seems as the chip does not get hot once connected. Now trying to find if chip takes voltage from agp connection or internal power supply but the first to do is check if really all the gold pins are in touch with PCB pads.

Here some pics.

Cleaning with ultrasonic.

Note- Card is little bended and can be the cause. Not sure if try to put it in his original stated with a preheater tool. I use this system when a PS3 /Xbox motherboard is bended but I dont like to use preheating tools on 3Dfx cards since PCB color can change of tonality. At least it happens with VSA-100 family...Not sure how can react Rampage's PCB.

Today more tests.

I already have different clamps to test it:


Big size:


Yesterday came in another package with different rampage chip evolution.

ASAT & ASE labeled chips are test vehicles 2 layers tape based substrates while the rampage chip was converted 1 layer substrate.

The good new is the Rampage chip works perfect even with 6 missing balls

I have noticed all the chips comes in very bad condiction on the BGA balls and even all have different missing balls. My guess is they used different clamp to make perfect contact but this system is very agressive and deteriorate the bga balls.

I have tested Michel's rampage with different clamps without luck. Card continues without work. I have checked voltage and all seems ok, in intersil and condensator as directly on the bga test socket but at the moment not luck.

Question- Hank stated the resistor packs used on the card, for example RN112 was custom component for 3Dfx. It is an array composed by 5 resistors. Hank only added 4 0402 25ohm and lack one but this one is traced and connected one VIAS. I guess since Hank did not add it means it is connected to ground but I have tested it and it does not connected to gnd.



Michel's rampy / Oscar's rampy

C252 - 1.280 - 1.265
C276 - 2.360 - 2.373
C210 - 1.915 - 1.922
C232 - 3.275 - 3.290

Voltage are correct.


Idea is the following:

Across an agp riser, an estructure and with a multimter to measure voltage pin by pin (gold test socket pin) and later to compare it with my Rampage. I still thinking the Rampage Chip does not get the right voltage. If I find what pin is not good I can follow traces and check what V-rail is doing the problem and work there.

Hard task started. Meassuring and comparing pin by pin with my Rampage.


I checked all the test pads and voltage are perfect. Now, I need to find where is the SWITCH makes the card wakes up.

Now testing values Ohm across of each pin/pad hoping to find an alterated vaule that can show me the way.

I have detected an anormal value using the multimeter setting ohms across the test socket pins compared #B009. This afternoon I will follow the trace from the pad and I will see where it goes. I hope to find the problem there.


FOUND THE PROBLEM- I checked pad by pad with a multimeter set in ohms until I detected an anormal value. Following the trace I detected one resistor 100ohm soldered in wrong place. I unsolder and solder it in right place and voila!!! Card waked up!!!! We have antoher 100% functional card!!!

Really I still cant believe it!!!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

¿Leyenda? ¿Mito? ¿Ficción? No... ¡Realidad!
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